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So you're considering a boudoir session? Well you've come to the right place! Welcome to my online boudoir studio. I wanted to create a safe place for women to celebrate their bodies. Boudoir has become one of my favorites to document because my clients always leave feeling super confident snd excited to share their photos. I'm not's SO hard not to show anyone and everyone. Below you will find some helpful tips that I think everyone deserves preparing for their boudoir session!

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Helpful Tips

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Boudoir Prep

ready to treat yourself? and maybe your boo thang?

Stuck on what to wear for your boudoir session? Don't worry! If you're anything like me you need visual inspiration. I went ahead and made a Pinterest board of what I think will photograph beautifully. Don't be afraid to get creative though! I've had clients use bed sheets, jean jackets, and football jerseys for their session. It doesn't always have to be lingerie!

Style guide

Boudoir Style Guide

Do your sessions include Hair + Makeup?

No, my boudoir sessions do not include hair and makeup. I do however recommend you get your hair and makeup done professionally beforehand! It gives you an extra boost in confidence. AND eyelashes are a MUST, in my opinion! If you need any recommendations, I'd be happy to share some of my favorites!

how much does it cost?

My boudoir sessions begin at $400. This includes a short consultation, 1 hour of shooting, 2 outfits, and 60+ images with full printing rights. Keep in mind this price does not include prints of any kind. Photos are delivered digitally.

do you have a client closet?

I do have a few pieces in my client closet in ranging sizes! Some of my favorites that everyone can use is a bridal veil, white lace robe, and a black lace robe. 

Where do you shoot these sessions?

Typically, I shoot boudoir sessions in my apartment because I have complete control over the lighting/location. I am comfortable with traveling, but it would come as an additional cost. Hosting them out of my place keeps the cost down for me AND my clients. 

do I have to be a certain size?

Hell no!!! I want EVERY woman to leave my place feeling confident in their bodies. No matter what shape or size they are! This is a safe place. I am prepared for anything. Get it out of your mind that you have to fit a mold!

do you photoshop?

The extent of editing that I do is color correction, skin smoothing, and small blemish removal. Other than that, I would have to charge additionally per photo that is being requested to photoshop. I want my clients to feel confident in their own bodies, not a false representation of it!

how do I book?

When you decide you want to go for it, fill out the contact form below! I require a 30% retainer to secure the date. After that you'll sign a contract digitally and the planning begins!!!


when should I book?

I recommend securing a date as soon as possible. I don't recommend choosing a date later than 1 month prior to when you would need the photos by. Galleries are delivered within 2 weeks, but you want to give yourself extra time to order your prints!

Frequently asked questions

Emma DEE's

I have always been very hard on myself in regards to my appearance and when I heard of boudoir photography as a wedding gift my first thought was, “NEVER”.. the more I thought about it, I thought my husband deserves this.. and little did I know I needed it even more than he! 
Despite my massive hesitation, Emma talked me into a boudoir session and I can honestly say I (and my husband) couldn’t be more thankful! 
Emma has a special way of making you feel like a queen during this experience! I have never felt so confident and comfortable in my own skin as I have since then! This experience gave me a total new outlook on myself and my appearance, and I will forever be grateful to Emma for that! 


Emma has been a dream to work with for now almost two years. I was looking for affordable yet high quality photos with someone who makes us feel so comfortable while having fun, and that’s exactly what we got! We’ve done two engagement sessions and have only had beautiful results. I’ve even done a boudoir and she seriously made the experience so fun and easy. I can’t wait for her to shoot my big day!!!


The idea of boudoir scared me but as soon as you walk through the door you feel comfortable! Emma is so great at making you feel good about yourself. She is constantly cracking jokes and is the biggest hype woman. Everyone needs an Emma in their life! 

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